1,001 reasons I’m thankful

605 followers, 396 Facebook fans = a deeply thankful author.

Thank you to each and every one of you. Special thanks to my wife, Shani’s mom, my close friends, and out of nowhere, my champion poster, Bill McCarthy (old friend from high school).

I hope you all keep reading. I’d love to enjoy a baseball game with each and every one of you — first round is on me.





2 thoughts on “1,001 reasons I’m thankful

  1. Glad you made it!!! Bennett played t-ball today and nearly took the coach out three times as he threw his bat backwards to run to first. Braden played baseball an hour later with a 102 fever because the team was short and he couldn’t sit out – and they actually won (this is a big deal – their team resembles the Bad News Bears in miniature)

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