A Perfect Ending to the Season

OK…this has without question been the best baseball season of my life. It has included:

  • An amazing boys roadtrip to Pittsburgh and PNC park, complete with autographs and kids running the bases
  • A Phillies game with my father-in-law and the boys
  • Our minor league baseball writing project, which took us to 4 minor league games, complete with park tours, player interviews, getting foul balls, autographs, and an Elvis immitator
  • The boys and their grandparents going to a KC Royal game where they were unexpectedly upgraded to “owners club” seats directly behind home plate, complete with free food
  • On work trips, I managed to hit games in Baltimore, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

You can’t ask for better than that, right? Well, I just got awarded a writing job that will bring in some unexpected income. (Not to mention it’s for an amazing cause.) As soon as I was awarded the job…

I bought tickets to the final home Yankees game of the season. We will be there to witness Mariano Rivera’s final game. This is nothing short of baseball history, and the Nuckols crew (including Shani, my good pal Pete, and his fiance Holly) will be present.

Holy crap.

1 thought on “A Perfect Ending to the Season

  1. It does sound like a great season. I was wondering how much credit you and the boys are taking for the Pirates’ success this year. Seems to me a good chunk of it should go your way and at the very least, 4 tix to all home playoff games.

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