Latest News on Getting Published

You may recall the latest harrowing adventures of my quest to get my book published. I had been rejected by a publisher and then dumped by my literary agent. I wrote a blog post about it, and the response was amazing.

A friend of mine forwarded my blog to an agent he knows. This agent wrote me a long email recommending that I self publish the book.

Minutes later, a guy I work with (Paul Smith) wrote me an email. I noticed as the end of his email a web address for his personal design site: I went to the website. Check some of this shit out:




I wrote Paul immediately. I pitched the book idea to him. I explained why it would sell. I expressed how beautifully I thought his skull style would work with the idea for the book. I told him we could release this book on the iPad bookstore and the Kindle. It could be amazing. And fun.

I hit send. Then I paced around my dining room table in quick circles. 15 minutes I got a response.

“I’m in.” He said.

Then a day later, I got this:


Click the image and really get a good look at it. It’s awesome. How cool is this gonna be?

We’re shooting to have it out by the end of the year. Big marketing push for Father’s Day 2014.

7 thoughts on “Latest News on Getting Published

    • But awesome! I will be looking forward to getting a copy of the book – i assume it’s ok for moms to do some of the kickass things with their kids too?

      • Appreciate your comments (I noticed them as well). You may not have worked with art directors, but bad grammar is a sign of a good art director. The fact that he made TWO errors is a terrific sign. I promise when we get into it, we’ll get it flawless.

  1. Mike, you might want to follow this guy or at least read his website, completely different type of writing, but a successful career that began with self-publishing:

    I’m reading WOOL now. His newest book, DUST, is apparently number 7 on the best seller list.

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