Post-Pitch and Back in Action

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been working on a new business pitch at work for the last month and it’s been all-consuming. But…the pitch is over. I’m in the air flying home.

Since the last post, Jack completed his minor league article. Here’s the email I’m sending out to Sport Illustrated for Kids in a few days.

Dear Editor:

I’m writing on behalf on my son, Jack. Jack is 10 years old and a HUGE fan of SI Kids. He reads each issue several times then he cuts out the pages and hangs them up all over his room. He wants to be a sports writer – and has written an article that he is hoping you would consider publishing.

This past summer, Jack wrote every minor league team within 100 miles of us. He asked to come interview players and get tours of the stadiums. So we spent the summer going to lots of games and meeting lots of nice people in the different organizations. Based on all of this, Jack wrote an article called: “The Secret League.”

The article encourages kids not to miss out on minor league baseball games. Jack goes on to list 8 reasons why minor league games are terrific. The article is 643 words and he wrote the entire thing himself. Our hope is that you may be interested in Jack’s article; we thought it would be great for the start of baseball season. The text of the article is below.

We also took photos of our experiences on my boss’s high-end camera. (Jack’s little brother was our photographer). We thought you may want to use these with the article as well.

Please let me know if you have any interest. Jack worked very, very hard on this project. He would lose his mind to be in your magazine or on your website.

We will keep you posted on the response.









3 thoughts on “Post-Pitch and Back in Action

  1. Mike, I really hope SI will print his article! It’s such an anazing experience when someone
    chooses to use something that you’ve written — especially when you’re a kid!

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