TMI about the start of baseball season

Baseball season has finally returned. I have 2 observations:

1) Good evenings

Jack and I sat on the couch the other night and put on the Yankees game. We watched 1 inning, but it was a 45-minute inning where the Yanks battered the Astros. The boy is 12, but he still sat down next to me and we snuggled as the room got darker and darker.

Shani got home to find us in the pitch dark, laughing about the fact that there is a pitcher on the Phillies whose ERA is actually infinity.

I took a shot of the screen and then flipped it around for a selfie.



2) Good mornings

Baseball season means better poops for me.

I’m like clockwork. Coffee hits system…system goes poop. It’s as regular as it gets. During non-baseball season I check Facebook and other dumb things on my phone while I’m doing my business. But during baseball season, I watch the FastCast and then peruse the highlights from the night before.

It’s the absolute best.



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