Drinking or Streaking

[Note: more election blathergush from me. Read the previous post for disclaimers and apologies.]

The podcasts were grim this morning on my way to work and I had to shut them off. Nate Silver was explaining the mathematical errors that the Clinton team had made in their ad buys. Couldn’t take it.

Anyhow…here’s how the next 4 days look for me:

  • Friday (today): Alex and I have tickets to go see Doctor Strange and then I’m playing poker with friends in town.
  • Saturday: Long bike ride, soccer game, small dinner party with some people that I genuinely like
  • Sunday: Canvasing in Philly
  • Monday: Going to a campaign event with Hillary, Bill, Barack, and Michelle. Shani’s so active in the Moms Demand Action group that we’ll get up in front. So awesome.
  • Tuesday: Election day. Maybe calling in sick so I can canvas. That night I will either drink myself into a puddle or streak the neighborhood howling with joy.

That’s a great couple of days lined up, right? I should be bouncing off the walls excited — but I’m not. I’m just locked up with the dread-lizard crawling around in my gut.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning and got up to surf the news. How mishandled emails is a bigger story than raping a minor is a source of such bafflement to me that I am literally speechless. How on Earth are there teams of reporters madly reviewing her emails and calling out any possible detail as news, and yet NO ONE seems to be spending any resources investigating AN ACTUAL RAPE CASE THAT IS GOING TO COURT IN A MONTH! HAS EVERYONE LOST THEIR FUCKING MINDS!?!


And by the way, while I’m ranting, let me make a seemingly incongruous point: I’m pretty damn sure Hillary is going to win. It may not seem that way, but I do believe that. Her polls are better. Her ground game is remarkable. And on some level I still think when it comes down to it, the majority of America won’t be able to overlook how intensely and dangerously unfit Trump is to be our president.

With every debate, people saw them side-by-side and suddenly everyone went: “Wow – this isn’t even close.” I’m hoping that  reality hits when people actually go to vote. They’ll go: “You know, this is actually pretty serious.”

I’m hoping.

Thanks for bearing with me.

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