12 Plays of Christmas (8 of 12)

Introducing…the 12 Plays of Christmas. Over the next 12 days, I will write 12 one-act plays that illustrate life in the Nuckols home. Additionally, we will perform these plays for you and put them up on the site.


SHANI is in the living room reading.

(off stage)
MOM! I need socks!

I just did laundry.

I can’t find any socks.

I don’t know how you go through clean laundry so fast.

Scene shifts to JACK’S ROOM.

NARRATOR (played by Alex)
We flash back to the previous afternoon.

JACK announces an imaginary basketball game where he is the hero of the game. As he does so, he takes clean laundry as the ball and stuffs it into the hamper as if it is the hoop.

And Jack Nuckols cuts left, right, shoots…it’s good! AHHHH!
Lebron moves through the defense. Bounce pass to Nuckols…
Oh my! Staggering dunk!




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