Headed Out Soon

I will make this short. Here is our itinerary:

  • Wednesday: Drive from NJ to Richmond, VA
    • Stay with my good friend, Ben
  • Thursday: Drive from Richmond, VA to Amelia Island, FL
    • Dinner with my good friend, Dave, and hopefully his kids
    • Stay with Dave
    • Make a point not to spend a single dollar in Georgia
  • Friday: Drive from Amelia Island, FL to Lakeland, FL
    • 1:05 Tigers vs Mets
    • 6:05 Yankees vs Braves
    • Attempts to get autographs of Yankees players is very high on Jack’s list
  • Saturday: Drive from Tampa, FL as far north as we can get
    • 8 AM arrive at Pirates camp to get press credentials
    • 9:30 scheduled interviews with Trevor Williams, Jordy Mercer, Austin Meadows, Christopher Bostick
    • Hopefully hang out around the field and facilities as long as they’ll let us
    • 1:05 game time: Pirates vs Phillies (hopefully from press box)
    • Head out after the game and get as far north as we can
    • Make a point not to spend a single dollar in Georgia
  • Sunday: Drive the rest of the way home

Spring training with Jack is an item from my bucket list, and needless to say, I am excited to the point of deep distraction. Winters hang heavier on me as I get older, and getting baseball 3 weeks early is a remarkable thing.

But truth be told, it is driving from NJ to Florida and back with my 14-year-old son that I am looking forward to most.


7 thoughts on “Headed Out Soon

  1. I have three comments:
    1. Its a dream come true
    2. Im jealous and really wish that I could join you two
    3. Remember, don’t spend a dollar in Georgia!

    • In response to Delta Airlines breaking ties with the NRA, the Georgia legislature has voted to rescind a tax break and charge Delta an extra 38 million for being headquartered there. So not one dime of NuckolBucks are going to Georgia taxes.

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