Bat-mitzvah Etiquette Regarding Cardi B


When Bodak Yellow comes on, and you hit the dance floor, and you are in the mob of 13-year-olds…

1) For the opening lyrics, you are all clear to sing.

Said little b%$#@, you can’t f%&* with me
If you wanted to
These expensive, these is red bottoms
These is bloody shoes

Alex says: “They will bleep out the bad words, but it doesn’t matter because everyone sings out the words.”

2) For the lyrics that follow, you are not OK to sing.

And I’m quick, cut a n$*@#$ off
So don’t get comfortable

Alex says: “No one sings the n word. It’s just a pause. And if you do sing it, you’ll shout it when everyone is silent. So don’t.”

Hope that helps for your next event.


One thought on “Bat-mitzvah Etiquette Regarding Cardi B

  1. One of your most informative updates to my social skills!!
    Good luck yo us all😊🙏

    Judy Smith
    Sent from my iPhone

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