Baseball 2021

There is a debate about what priority the COVID vaccine should be given. The official NuckolBall position is:

  1. Healthcare workers
  2. Vulnerable population (especially grandparents who are kidney donors/kidney donor recipients)
  3. Major league baseball players and staff

Last year Jack Season was cancelled, so we had an extended Alex Season. We went all in on camping and had a great year for that. But this year it is pure Jack Season. It’s the final year I have with my boy, and we are planning as much baseball time as we can swing (and still afford college).

Here are the trips that are currently under consideration:

The Bronx Boo-Fest — When the cheating, worthless Astros come to the Bronx, Jack and I will be there to boo them murderously. We’re going to bang trash cans, hurl insults, and generally make their lives as miserable as possible. These lowlives deserved to be booed for the remainder of their careers and we intend to do our part.

The Lakes Loop — This involves driving to Cleveland, hooking up with Avi and Solomon Cover, and making an epic baseball loop. The loop will include Chicago (White Sox), Milwaukee (Brewers), and maybe…maybe….Minneapolis for the Twins. We’ve got multiple drivers to make this doable.

The Dallas Dash — We normally see Shani’s parents 3-4 times a year, but COVID has created a miserable dry spell. So the instant everyone is safe and vaccinated, we are getting on the road, getting down to Arkansas, getting everyone in the car, and getting our butts to Dallas to check out the new Rangers Ballpark.

The Aunt Joan Jaunt — It is ludicrous that we haven’t been to Fenway. Ridiculous. It’s 5 hours away and we actually go to Boston every year. Well that gets fixed this year. We’re making our annual Boston trip, and this time, Jack, me, and my Aunt Joan are going to see the Red Sox (hopefully lose).

The West Wildcard — The summer is tough to figure out. When will diving competitions come back? When does college start? Lots of variables at play, but we absolutely plan to pull off an epic family road trip. That could mean Phoenix, Seattle, San Diego, Oakland…who knows. But I suspect we’ll work in a park or two for sure.

Jack and I currently stand at 17 out of 30 ballparks visited. I think getting to 20 this season is a distinct possibility.

Stay tuned.

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