You Best College Tip

I wrote Jack a letter for Christmas (I do that every year). And I shared the following advice for when he heads to college:

1) Don’t put off your work.

Jack does.

2) Don’t get fat.

I did.

3) Don’t get into debt

I didn’t.

4) Don’t smoke

I’ve got a deal with both boys (credit to Devin Moberg) where on the day they graduate college, if they haven’t ever smoked a cigarette, I will hand them a check for $1000.

OK…but because it was a big list of “don’t” — I ended with:

But more important is what you SHOULD do. And the answer is…everything. Go explore. Go try things. Go make mistakes. Say yes to the world. Say yes to weird offers. Say yes to pretty girls. In fact, those things I don’t want you to do are really there because they’ll limit your ability to do the million other things that are out there. Go have adventures. LOTS of them. Life is short – go live the crap out of it!

So that’s what I had. Gimme your college advice for the boy.

6 thoughts on “You Best College Tip

  1. 1) Find out who the BEST professors are (not the easy ones) from friends & upperclassmen and try to get into their classes. 2) join extra curricular activities that are new to you: ie. Dramatics or Glee club or Political clubs etc. 3) Follow your Dad’s rules (they are an incredible map to a good life!) Love, Bob

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  2. Glad to pass along the “no smoking” reward, which my dad offered (and paid) to me as well. I added a “no vaping” clause to keep up with the times, and looking forward to writing those checks for both of my kids!

  3. The way I heard it was, “Do your damn work!” I wasn’t prepared for all the reading in college and got buried before the first month was over – keep up. Go see your professors when they have office hours. Keep an open mind – your attitude about learning and living will define your experience. You have no idea what exploration in a certain area will reveal to you – interests you didn’t know you had. Trust the process and try not to worry about where it will all lead – you have to be a little grown up before you can grow up.

  4. Go to your professors’ office hours. Let them know there is real person behind the essays and tests. You are not bothering them; they get paid to be there. If it is scary, ask one or two other students in your class to go with you, maybe the ones who sit up front and are always prepared. If the class is a particularly tough one (I’m lookin’ at you, statistics), ask three or four of those same probably-getting-an-A students if they want to form a study group. Bring cookies.

    Be that student who sits up front and is always prepared. Professors notice.

  5. Late to the party.

    Biggest mistake I made in college was forgetting my classmates for the classes. Testing well, but not connecting with your classmates, is a fail. Zuckerberg was a classmate of mine. Never heard of him (until later).

    The people around you are your future, spend time with them. The professors will have little impact on your future — your classmates, a lot.

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