White Flag

Welcome to this season’s final installment of NuckolsDIVE and the official transition back over to NuckolBALL. I have Alex diving updates, a stadium review, and a true milestone in the history of this blog. Here we go. Alex Nuckols is officially the 45th best diver in the country (among 12-13 year old boys). And while … More White Flag

2017 Geo Bee

FLASHBACK: 1 YEAR AGO. THE 2016 GEOGRAPHY BEE. Alex was one of 12 kids in the Geo Bee last year. I thought he had a chance to win in. The boy is good at geography, regularly reads an Atlas for fun, traces maps and puts them up on his walls. And he studied some by taking geography … More 2017 Geo Bee

Backpacker Battle Royale: Many photos and 1 video

Location: The Appalachian Trail Distance: 6.5 miles to the Kirkridge Shelter and then back the next day Elevation: 1549 feet The competitors: Alex and Mike The question: Who will come out as the superior backpacker? Your narrator: Mike Nuckols Category 1: Pacing Yourself For better or worse, I approach life as a to-do list. Whether it’s … More Backpacker Battle Royale: Many photos and 1 video