Down and Away

  Let’s start with a quick update on Jack’s little league season. He’s about 6 games in and we have yet to get a hit. At first he was hitting long fouls, pop fly outs, and drawing walks. But that past 3 or so games, he’s started the old pattern. Striking out looking. Weak, late … More Down and Away

The Meteoric and Painful Rise of Jack Nuckols, Pitcher

This weekend concluded the spring baseball season for Jack, and it was a rough one at the plate for our hero. There was a regression in his approach where at-bats were filled with tentative swings, attempts to draw walks, and head shakes as he shuffled back to the dugout following a called strike three. Game after … More The Meteoric and Painful Rise of Jack Nuckols, Pitcher

Game of the Year

This weekend was the finals for the “Dog Eat Dog” tournament in Jack’s Fall Ball League. Jack’s crew was the severe underdog – and it showed. The teams started plugging away Sunday night and it was quickly becoming a slaughter. By the end of the 3rd inning, Jack’s team was down 11-3. The team was … More Game of the Year

Quick Update

This will be quick. 2 baseball-related updates. 1) Fall Ball started and Jack already has a hit. The typical drama we go through each season about “will he finally get that hit?” is just not to be. I think he’s somehow over the hump. First game, first at-bat he smoked a ball that bullseyed the … More Quick Update

Walk Off Victory

Jack’s coach wrote an email to me a Shani: “I wanted to check in and make sure Jack’s enjoying himself. The assistant coach and I are coming up with ideas on how to get him that first hit. Once that happens his confidence is going to kick in and he’ll be hitting like crazy. Jack … More Walk Off Victory