Walk Off Victory

Jack’s coach wrote an email to me a Shani: “I wanted to check in and make sure Jack’s enjoying himself. The assistant coach and I are coming up with ideas on how to get him that first hit. Once that happens his confidence is going to kick in and he’ll be hitting like crazy. Jack … More Walk Off Victory

Majors Made

Mini-post. There really isn’t any heavy content to share here. I don’t have a story or any reflections. But as the title suggests: Jack made the majors. The tryouts were a big deal, but the news of making the majors was sort of a fizzle. So that’s the update: Jack made the majors. Other updates: … More Majors Made

“Do I get a milkshake if I make the majors?”

The off-season has been long and dark and full of snow days. We’ve kept up a constant fight against the dark of winter with snow forts, sledding, snowball fights, ninja battles using ice boulders. But still there’s been something heavy about this winter, like my eyelids won’t open all the way. But cracks are forming … More “Do I get a milkshake if I make the majors?”

Psycho Coach

Holy crap – you won’t believe this. Sunday Jack had a baseball game and then a soccer game immediately following. We were in a neighboring town and the opposing coach was an asshole. I don’t think that’s subjective. He was yelling at his players, the umpire, Jack’s coach. In the 2nd inning Jack was on … More Psycho Coach


This will be quick. I did not go to the game on Sunday. Shani went and I stayed home with Alex. But soon into the game I got a text from Shani: Jack had a hit. His coach, in a moment of bizarre brilliance ordered Jack to get up there and bunt. In come the … More Milkshake!