Quick Update

This will be quick. 2 baseball-related updates. 1) Fall Ball started and Jack already has a hit. The typical drama we go through each season about “will he finally get that hit?” is just not to be. I think he’s somehow over the hump. First game, first at-bat he smoked a ball that bullseyed the … More Quick Update

NuckolBall to Guest Post for Yankee Beat Writer

Really exciting news: My favorite Yankee beat writer (Chad Jennings) and author of my favorite Yankees blog (for the Journal News) has offered me a spot as a guest blogger. This is awesome! I’ve been reading this blog for years; he has thousands of readers. He thought my point of view would be really interesting. … More NuckolBall to Guest Post for Yankee Beat Writer


The Red Sox have won the World Series. For this reason, NuckolBall.com will go black for a full week. My baseball world is darker and far less enjoyable when the Red Sox are world champs. I offer no congratulations, just my continued loathing.

World Series Game 3

Saturday evening Jack announced: “World Series tonight and I’m watching the whoooooole game.” Shani started to hem and haw, but I jumped in. “Come on – I think that’s fine.” She agreed. Alex promptly announced: “I’m staying up too.” “The game starts at 8:00 – they’ll be in bed by 11:00,” I said with confidence. … More World Series Game 3

Official World Series Team of NuckolBall: The Cardinals

Miraculously, this is unanimous among the entire Nuckols crew. Me and Jack: We’re rooting for whoever is playing against the Red Sox. Alex: In most cases, Alex will root for the Red Sox. That’s because he doesn’t like watching baseball. So when he says “Go Red Sox!”, Jack and I always take the bait and … More Official World Series Team of NuckolBall: The Cardinals