Speaking Of…

    Alex and I went for a hike this past weekend to Sadsbury Woods in Pennsylvania. We had a great time. Heavy snowmelt left entire sections of the trail muddy, so we so we had to navigate through twigs and fields of prickers yelling ouch!and laughing. We crossed an overflowing stream using sticks for … More Speaking Of…

2017 Geo Bee

FLASHBACK: 1 YEAR AGO. THE 2016 GEOGRAPHY BEE. Alex was one of 12 kids in the Geo Bee last year. I thought he had a chance to win in. The boy is good at geography, regularly reads an Atlas for fun, traces maps and puts them up on his walls. And he studied some by taking geography … More 2017 Geo Bee

Why Trump will Lose

(I’m going to save my f-bomb for the end on this one [see apology here].) Last night I played poker with a group of educated, white, suburban men (mostly republicans) and they are universally voting for Hillary. It wasn’t even a topic of debate. So that made me feel pretty good. But here’s what really … More Why Trump will Lose

Drinking or Streaking

[Note: more election blathergush from me. Read the previous post for disclaimers and apologies.] The podcasts were grim this morning on my way to work and I had to shut them off. Nate Silver was explaining the mathematical errors that the Clinton team had made in their ad buys. Couldn’t take it. Anyhow…here’s how the … More Drinking or Streaking

Five Dives

Saturday at lunch, I asked Alex if he was excited about his dive meet the next morning. He got a little evasive. “Kind of.” “Kind of? Why?” “I’ve been having trouble with my front flip. I keep over-rotating.” And he sounded genuinely sad about it. Please note that the front flip is Alex’s signature dive. … More Five Dives