Jack, Shani, and the Green Folder that Ruined Christmas

I will first draw your attention to the change in title. For this episode, we are NuckolBRAWL. And for this NuckolBrawl tale, I bring you back to Christmas morning of 2016. The family is in the living room, around the tree, taking turns opening presents. Things are joyful and sweet. Shani has just unwrapped the … More Jack, Shani, and the Green Folder that Ruined Christmas

The Sex Talk

Aaaaand…The Sex Talk. Before I get into the nitty-gritty, I’m gonna make a little PSA. I wrote a book (that twice came astonishingly close getting published) where pedophilia is a key theme. I did a shitload of research about it, and here is a proven fact: The more you talk about sex with your kids, … More The Sex Talk


  I just watched a kid lose a wrestling match. He came off the mat in tears, went over to his dad and said: “I suck!” But the fact is, that kid doesn’t think he sucks. He thinks his dad thinks he sucks. That’s about 100 times worse and it makes me want to cry.

Parenting: Phase 2

So…I have been searching for relevance with NuckolBall. There is a lack of drama with my boys. Things are in a groove. I’ve taken a new job this past year, so work has occupied a bigger part of my energy and focus (and I’m not blogging about that). This MLB season has been a little … More Parenting: Phase 2