White Flag

Welcome to this season’s final installment of NuckolsDIVE and the official transition back over to NuckolBALL. I have Alex diving updates, a stadium review, and a true milestone in the history of this blog. Here we go. Alex Nuckols is officially the 45th best diver in the country (among 12-13 year old boys). And while … More White Flag

Tampa Rays Blues

We begin…with stress. At work, we were launching a new product and the big launch meeting was in Orlando this week. Our client was a flaming ball of stress heading up to the meeting, which led to some seriously uncomfortable phone calls over the weekend where she used the word “disappointed” a lot. But the … More Tampa Rays Blues

Official Stadium Rankings

Following the game this weekend in The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, our sports editor, Jack Nuckols, produced this document: Based on this, we will be providing official rankings of the 10 stadiums the boys have visited. Jack’s Rankings (based on field, view, food, and atmosphere) 1.              PNC Park, Pittsburgh Pirates 2.              Kaufmann Stadium, Kansas … More Official Stadium Rankings

Petco Perfect

I remember a comedian talking about how easy it must be to be a weatherman in Sand Diego. “Today’s weather? Nice. Tomorrow? Nice. And then next week? Nice.” I was there for the weekend and everyone kept marveling at how nice it was outside. Every time I stepped outside someone would say, “God, it’s gorgeous … More Petco Perfect