Petco Perfect

I remember a comedian talking about how easy it must be to be a weatherman in Sand Diego. “Today’s weather? Nice. Tomorrow? Nice. And then next week? Nice.” I was there for the weekend and everyone kept marveling at how nice it was outside. Every time I stepped outside someone would say, “God, it’s gorgeous … More Petco Perfect

Angelic Baseball

My uncle Coddy picked me up at the airport. As I climbed into the car, I asked him how far it was to Angels Stadium. “At least an hour. Get comfortable.” An hour sounded fine to me. We drove south across LA. Coddy told me about his hip surgery and a songwriter’s convention he’d recently … More Angelic Baseball

Camden Yards Review with Some Help from the Pope

To give you a proper illustration of Camden Yards, we’re going to discuss…the Sistine Chapel. Trust me, this will make sense. If you haven’t seen the Sistine Chapel (I have not), you might expect the ceiling to be this big, beautiful flat space. You might imagine Michelangelo in 1502 preparing to create a masterpiece on … More Camden Yards Review with Some Help from the Pope