It breaks your heart

“It breaks your heart. It was designed to break your heart.” That’s the opening of Bart Giamatti’s “The Green Fields of the Mind.” It’s an essay about the end of the season that talks about how baseball promises to suspend time, and how every year you believe it can, only to have it betray you. … More It breaks your heart

New Song

Hey-o! It’s been a while, but greatness takes time. My uncle Coddy and I have written a song about Spring Training. Check it out:      

Big plans

Here are the salient facts: The AAU National Diving Championships are in California from July 18-22 Shani is taking Alex This leaves me and Jack on our own The Chicago Cubs are home that weekend The conclusion was obvious. Or so it seemed. But then I started looking at making it happen. Flights were super … More Big plans

The Bizarre Reality of Parenting Teenagers on a Saturday Night

Let me paint you a portrait of our evening this past weekend. Friday: Jack and Alex both home and without plans. Saturday: I went out and met two friends for a drink. Returned at 9 PM. Jack and Alex both home without plans. They’re both just there. Sitting in our living room. And I find … More The Bizarre Reality of Parenting Teenagers on a Saturday Night

Speaking Of…

    Alex and I went for a hike this past weekend to Sadsbury Woods in Pennsylvania. We had a great time. Heavy snowmelt left entire sections of the trail muddy, so we so we had to navigate through twigs and fields of prickers yelling ouch!and laughing. We crossed an overflowing stream using sticks for … More Speaking Of…