At the precipice

We are 45 minutes from go time for 3 meter. Grandparents are present. Alex is with his coach. Let me break it down for you: There are 25 boys The top 10 go to nationals According to the degree of difficulty from their dive list, Alex is ranked 13th This means he needs to move … More At the precipice


Fair readers, it is that time of year again. Diving season is upon us. I am reporting to you LIVE from Lynchburg, Virginia, where the USA Diving Zones are happening. This is the farthest Alex has ever gotten on the diving circuit. He is among 25 divers in his age group. He needs to finish … More DIVE! DIVE! DIVE!

Spring Training road trip in 27 photos.

Footnotes included at the end. Footnotes Things we talked about in the car: Popularity, my mom, suicide (tragically relevant), relationship with his brother, baseball (lots and lots), future road trips, how I met Shani, times I had my heart broken, more baseball, Family Guy, hardest we’d laughed with our friends, play-by-play of my trip around … More Spring Training road trip in 27 photos.