Spring Training road trip in 27 photos.

Footnotes included at the end. Footnotes Things we talked about in the car: Popularity, my mom, suicide (tragically relevant), relationship with his brother, baseball (lots and lots), future road trips, how I met Shani, times I had my heart broken, more baseball, Family Guy, hardest we’d laughed with our friends, play-by-play of my trip around … More Spring Training road trip in 27 photos.

I am here

If you’re wondering where I am, see the photo below. I’m at LECOM Park, the Pirates spring training park and I’m with my son and I’m sitting here fighting back tears. How on Earth did I ever deserve a life anything close to this?

Headed Out Soon

I will make this short. Here is our itinerary: Wednesday: Drive from NJ to Richmond, VA Stay with my good friend, Ben Thursday: Drive from Richmond, VA to Amelia Island, FL Dinner with my good friend, Dave, and hopefully his kids Stay with Dave Make a point not to spend a single dollar in Georgia … More Headed Out Soon

On my 47th birthday

Up front warning: I think this is the most self-indulgent thing I’ve written in the life of NuckolBall. But it’s my birthday, so I get to do what I want. Think of this post as a birthday present to myself. And It has been a strange present to unwrap, that much is certain. Turn back … More On my 47th birthday