Where To Start? I Know Just the Place.

So we’ve been to our minor league games and interviewed our players, now it’s time to actually write this article. Our goal is to have it ready by the end of August. Well, it’s one thing to get Jack to head to a baseball game. That’s easy. But to get Jack to write an article during the summer? That’s tough.

It was Saturday and we were hanging out. I’d let him know we were going to send some time working on it. I told him we’d go to Jersey Java, a local coffee shop, and spend a few hours.

But then I got a WAY better idea.

“Yo, Jack. We’re writing a sports article, right?”


“So I was thinking: rather than going to a coffee shop, maybe we should go somewhere more sports-ish. You know, order a plate of wings and work. How about…

–ready for this, readers?–

How about…the Tap Room?”

That’s right. To any dad reading this: I am cooler than you are. To any mom: I am cooler than your husband. I took my boys to a bar.

Here are some photos:




The Tap Room is my favorite local bar. It’s huge and has a great beer selection. We found an empty nook and spread out over two tables. And in all honesty, we had a tremendously productive couple hours.

First we figured out what the main message of the article was: Encourage people to go to minor league games.

Then we listed out a bunch of reasons why minor league games are great:

  • Better seats
  • Cheaper
  • Easy to get autographs
  • Easy to get to
  • Funny team names
  • Get to see future stars

We put each of these on index cards and listed examples and ideas to support each point. So now Jack has to write each point. Which is nice; he can tackle it a small chunk at a time. then once it’s done, we do a bunch of revisions and then try and get it published. Sweet, right? I’ll put his first draft up when he’s done.

Sidenote: You can see in the photo that Alex is reading book 5 of Harry Potter. He has been reading literally 4-6 hours a day the last few weeks and TEARING through these books.