Boys Baseball Weekend (Part 5 of 5)

And finally, the escape. We made our way around to the right field gate to line up for “Kids Run the Bases”. We were led in a line down to the field and as we reached home plate the boys launched in a frantic loop around the diamond.

Back at the car we came out of the lot, looped around Heinz field, ramp to 376 and then onward without a lick of traffic. We got the rock blocks working with perfect peace between the boys. They decided to do a Selena Gomez rock block and sang the words substituting lyrics about farts and poop.

Shani called and both boys wanted to talk to her. Alex walked her through all the times he got to have soda over the course of the weekend. Jack gave her a play-by-play of the game that was so detailed it took longer than the game itself.

We stopped for a quick dinner and then it was getting dark and the car was launching along the road with that momentum I feel on a road trip. It’s almost like the car isn’t going forward along a road, but dropping straight down. I’m Lancelot with a sword. I’m Jimi Hendrix. I’m Jerry Rice at the line about to burst into a crossing route. I’m God’s knight filled with the Holy Spirit. I’m all the joy there is, ever has been or ever will be. My touch can heal and my foot on the accelerator can bend time. No one can road trip like me.

Alex fell asleep and Jack and I talked softly for the last hour. He brought up how maybe he could be a sports writer instead of a baseball player because he’s not “that that that” good at sports. At 11:30 we finally pulled into the driveway. Jack splashed into Shani’s arms on the front porch. It was a hug that brought with it all the joy he’d soaked up over the weekend. It made her as much a part of it as if she’d been there. With stiff legs I carried Alex up to his bed.


Note to visitors headed to PNC: You’re an idiot if you don’t join the Bucaroos Kids Club.

It is FREE, they sent a package to each of my boys containing a voucher for a free ticket (saved us $56 for 2 tickets) and a voucher to go to the front of the line for “Kids Run the Bases” (saved us at least 30 minutes of waiting around).

8 thoughts on “Boys Baseball Weekend (Part 5 of 5)

    1. Thanks, Doris. I’ll have another one early next week. I have a few book reviews and Jack has a baseball game this weekend. I’m sure we’ll produce something.

      1. have some ideas for you – all involve lots of time and maybe $ – maybe we can talk some time — I’ve been know to give advice when I’m not asked for it and have to refrain!

  1. “The crowd started to do the wave, which I firmly ordered my kids to ignore.”
    COULDN’T AGREE MORE! My kids follow this rule as gospel, teach them young and they will abide. My 12 year old, when the wave breaks out, nudges me and says, “Look, dad…fake baseball fans.”
    Good stuff

    1. You know…I had a friend in town really go after me about this. She’s a real Phillies fan and said she loves the wave. Asked me if was maybe a Yankees thing. I didn’t think so, but I was a little unsure.

      1. please let us know .. there seems to be some info that you need 1,000 in one week … now that is a bit impossible I would say ..

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