Things that are awesome at AT&T Park

Just to finish up the Giants experience, here are some things that make going to a Giant’s game terrific – other than the park being generally gorgeous.

1)    Panda stuff is everywhere. Pablo Sandoval, the Giant’s 3rd baseball, is nicknamed the Kung Fu Panda, because he’s really round and fat, but still shockingly agile and quick.

images images-1

So the place is full of panda hats, stuffed pandas, you name it. People really do wear these silly things.


2)    Gilroy’s Garlic Fries and good beer (all absurdly priced, of course). I think they have Ghiardelli chocolate sundaes too.

3)    They all sing “City by the Bay” by Journey in the 7th inning. Whole crowd sings along – which is a lot of fun.

4)    There is no bullpen. Pitcher’s line up on the foul line right in front of the crowd. When the relief pitcher throws to the catcher everyone goes WOOOOOP! (noise gets higher-pitched). When catcher throws back, the crowd goes WOOOOOO! (noise gets lower-piched.)

WOOOOOP! (pitch up)

WOOOOOO! (pitch down)

It give a yo-yo effect. It makes sense if you do it out loud.

5) There’s a guy running around with a bugle. He plays and everyone yells “CHARGE”. Way more fun then it being played over the PA.

Also of note, the fans are fresh off a World Series win, so they are enthusiastic and plentiful. Fun, fun park.

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