This will be quick.

I did not go to the game on Sunday. Shani went and I stayed home with Alex. But soon into the game I got a text from Shani: Jack had a hit.

His coach, in a moment of bizarre brilliance ordered Jack to get up there and bunt. In come the pitch, and without a hitch Jack held out the bat, dropped a perfect bunt down toward third, and made it to first by a mile.

Now…here’s a picture of a guy bunting:


You basically step in front of the pitch, hold the bat out, and let the ball dribble away. You read that right: you step out over the plate, in front of the pitch. When you actually hit the normal way, you stay away from the plate and swing the bat way out in front of your body.

Why on earth Jack is scared to swing, but was totally fine bunting is a complete mystery to me. But either way, the boy got a hit. Milkshakes for all that night.

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