First Pass at Jack’s Article

This is actually his second draft — and he’ll be continuing to work on it. But this is the product of our project this summer. I typed it and tried to keep all the errors.


By Jack Nuckols

I love the Majors, but ever think what happens behind the scenes? And where players like Robinson Cano or Miguel Cabrea developed. The Minor Leagues of course! But since everyone going to the Major League games this league is overlooked. It’s the same game there is still HR and RBI’s. Great plays and 7th Inning Stretches. But in some ways the Minors are better.

1. It’s Easier to get Autographs

Ever think about getting autographs? Well your probably out of luck at Major League Parks. But in the Minors it’s different. Think of the diffrence. At Major League Parks there’s 40 to 50000 people there. In the Minors 5 to 10,000 people there. I have a minor league bat signed by at least 30 players. All in the Minors.

2. Fun Events

Of course you know about Mascots, but in the Minors it’s not just Mascots. Fans get to do wied and cool events between innings. Sometimes people get foam, toy airplanes and try to land them or they get people to dress up as giant eyeballs and race!

3. Team Names

I could write a 20 page list of the funniest sports team names and all of it would minor league teams! Here’s some names: Montgomery Bicuits, Fort Wayne Tin Caps, Savannah Sand Gnats, and the New Orleans Zypers! Why root for these teams? Well, isn’t fun to say Go Biscuit or Way to go Sand Gnats!

4. Cheaper

Here’s a big reason, say your mom wont let you go to a Majors game. Why not ask you mom to let you go to a Minor league game. Put it this way: great seats at a Major League game are 200$ a ticket at the Minors great seats are 12$ a ticket, and MLB average costs $27.00 and the in MiLB the average ticket costs $7.00. Now what’s the chance difference for your mom to let you go to a MiLB game that a MLB game.

5. See Future Stars

I interviewed 4 players, and you never know 1 of those players could have a lot of success in the majors! So I could say you saw a hall of famer and then 50 years later you could say you saw him play in the MiLB.


Say you live in Alabama or Mississippi, Your Miles from a MLB park, but theres MiLB teams everywhere! in Alabama, 4 to be exact. And if you live in a big city the Minors could be a backup for the majors (which you might need) And the number of MiLB teams and Majors, theres a huge difference (210 difference).

7. Better Seats

The Minors only have 1 deck so when you go there’s a way better view and there’s usely better seats open and you could just move there. And look at Major League parks, There’s 3 decks, nosebleed seats and are really packed. Sometimes in the Majors, in nosebleeds people bring binoculars.


At one game I was standing in the isle with my glove trying to get a ball. A ball went sailing over my head to empty seat rows back and the guy who got it gave it to me. See it’s easier to get baseball in the minors. The seats are emty so you can roam around chasing baseballs. And it’s fun too.

Now that you know about this “seacret” league, why don’t you open doors and see games there. It’s the same thing as the majors, sometimes it’s better! Now you know what happens behind the scenes you can now go to a lot more baseball games!

Pretty great start, right? I promise that this is all him. Now I just need to get him to fit in the next revision between all his homework and sports.

3 thoughts on “First Pass at Jack’s Article

  1. This has been great reading all summer about your “Minor Miracles”


    Dick Keegan Max Kolo’s grandfather

    1. Thanks, Dick! That’s great to hear you’re reading. I’m a huge fan of Max’s. He and Jack keep trying to get together to play Strat-O-Matic, which I think they’d both love.

  2. Jack
    I really enjoyed your article and I learned a lot. I especially liked the names of some of the teams.
    I am curious about the price of a hot dog and Cracker Jacks at a minor league game – paid 39.00 !! for two dogs, 2 beers and cracker jacks at a Cardinals game!!

    Hope you come to Albuquerque to see our team : the Isotopes – you should get extra credit if you find out why they are named that.

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