Official World Series Team of NuckolBall: The Cardinals

Miraculously, this is unanimous among the entire Nuckols crew.

Me and Jack: We’re rooting for whoever is playing against the Red Sox.

Alex: In most cases, Alex will root for the Red Sox. That’s because he doesn’t like watching baseball. So when he says “Go Red Sox!”, Jack and I always take the bait and yell at him – sometimes we are forced to jump on him and pummel the boy. Alex finds Jack and I much more fun when we are pummeling him vs watching baseball.

Grandma and Pop-Pop: These folks are full-on Cardinal fans. And Alex adores them. He cannot possibly tell his grandparents that he is rooting against their Cardinals. Never gonna happen. Plus…they’ve actually called both nights to plead with us to let the boys stay up late to watch the games.

Shani: Couldn’t care less.

So…we are a house united behind the St. Louis Cardinals.

2 thoughts on “Official World Series Team of NuckolBall: The Cardinals

  1. There are those who just rebel against their heritage and birthright. In some clans we would have to shun those who profess their apostasy, but in the Gallagher-Doran clan, we “suffer the fools gladly.” Keep fighting the good fight, Alex!

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