The Red Sox have won the World Series. For this reason, will go black for a full week. My baseball world is darker and far less enjoyable when the Red Sox are world champs.

I offer no congratulations, just my continued loathing.

4 thoughts on “Blackout

  1. Blackout is the appropriate response to celebrate your unfortunate and pathetic support of Losers. Red Sox Nation neither needs or wants your congratulations–but being shut down for a week seems appropriate. We salute and congratulate the one supporter of the World Champion Red Sox: the truly intelligent and brave Alex, who is not swayed by family pressure and unbridled jealousy of the teams of Boston. Boston Strong.

  2. I applaud Bob Gallagher’s eloquent response which shows amazing restraint and civility.
    And isn’t it a sign of good sportsmanship to congratulate the winning team – even if it’s not from the bottom of your heart? It’s character building 101.

    Kudos to Alex for being a good sport!

    1. Alex was not rooting for Boston against the Cardinals. Any other team he would have, but his grandparents are HUGE Cards fans.

      As to my sportsmanship and character…screw that. You want congratulations to Boston, turn on the news. Plenty of people happy about your dreadful team.

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