Jack’s Interview Project – We have a Bite

As you know, Jack sent letters to 9 major league teams asking if he could come interview a player.

We heard from the White Sox immediately — they let us know that they offer “fan experience” that might interest us. For only $500 you get tickets to a game and get to meet a player. They suggested Jack could do an interview that way.

HA! That’s for kids! I called them right up and told them: “Jack is a journalist, you hags! I will not sully his integrity with this cheap facade for rich boys playing dress up!” (Or I may have just left a message saying thank you, but we’ll decline.)

HOWEVER…this week we heard from…


The Mets! They said to pick any day we wanted from May 21-28. They’ll set Jack up with press credentials and arrange for an interview.

After a few emails, we have locked in Thursday, May 22. They also said Alex could join, no problem. these guys were super nice. We’re going to interview a relief pitcher or bench player.

I did not ask about comp tickets, but I’m assuming that will happen. (However, I’ve learned my lesson that while it sounds like an amazing bargain getting free tickets — I still end up spending a buttload on food. Especially with Alex along.)

SO…The Mets have officially moved up from being my 26th favorite team, to somewhere around #20. Quite a jump. Go Mets.






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