Official Stadium Rankings

Following the game this weekend in The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, our sports editor, Jack Nuckols, produced this document:

IMG_1929 2

Based on this, we will be providing official rankings of the 10 stadiums the boys have visited.

Jack’s Rankings

(based on field, view, food, and atmosphere)

1.              PNC Park, Pittsburgh Pirates
2.              Kaufmann Stadium, Kansas City Royals
3.              Progressive Field, Cleveland Indians
4.              Busch Stadium, St. Louis Cardinals
5.              Citi Field, NY Mets
6.              Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati Reds
7.              Nationals Park, Washington Nationals
8.              Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Phillies
9.              Yankees Stadium, NY Yankees
10.          Rogers Center, Toronto Blue Jays

Alex’s Rankings

(based on food)

1.     Great American Ballpark, Skyline Chili Dogs
2.     PNC Park, Pot Roast Nachos
3.     Citi Field, Shake Shack
4.     Kaufmann Stadium, Those pretty girls took us out of the cheap seats and into the great seats – free nachos and ice cream!
5.     Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Phillies
6.     Progressive Field, Cleveland Indians
7.     Busch Stadium, St. Louis Cardinals
8.     Nationals Park, Washington Nationals
9.     Yankees Stadium, NY Yankees
10. Rogers Center, Toronto Blue Jays

Mike’s Rankings

(based on field, view, food, and atmosphere)

The Transcendent

1.     PNC Park, Pittsburgh Pirates
2.     AT&T Park, SF Giants

The Exceptional

3.     Camden Yards, Baltimore Orioles
4.     Busch Stadium, St. Louis Cardinals
5.     Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati Reds
6.     Coors Field, Colorado Rockies
7.     Progressive Field, Cleveland Indians
8.     Petco Park, San Diego Padres
9.     Nationals Park, Washington Nationals
10. Dodgers Stadium, LA Dodgers
11. Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Phillies
12. Citi Field, NY Mets

The Meh

13. Coliseum, Oakland A’s
14. Angels Stadium, Anaheim Angels
15. Yankees Stadium, NY Yankees
16. Rogers Center, Toronto Blue Jays

9 thoughts on “Official Stadium Rankings

    1. Official NuckolBall rankings list them as the worst fans in baseball. Atmosphere kills their ranking.

      And you’re NUTS if you think it’s in the same league as PNC or AT&T.

      1. You must be joking, right? Worst fans in baseball? Explain. Because they’re so knowledgable? Because they expect 100% from the team and voice that displeasure when they see poor effort, even when some of the more astute observers miss such nuance? The atmosphere? You mean the the all access line-of sight to the game no matter where you are in the ballpark? The loud and rambunctious fans? Finally, let me remind you that your sample size for evaluating your experience at CITIZENS BANK PARK (geez, couldn’t even get the name right, research boy) is extremely low.

        As far as the park comparison goes, and certainly this is all subject to opinion, but yeah it is in the same league as PNC and AT&T…they all have the same friggin’ architect, Nuckie!

        Top 5 Ballparks (all things considered): Wrigley, Camden Yards, Dodgers, Fenway, Target Field

        Maybe I’m wrong, but maybe the “Official NuckolBall rankings” have lost some credibility

        Finally, I will say this, your in-laws do rock. Driving 600 miles for the boys and some baseball…you can’t put a price on that kind of love and devotion.

        Peace, and you owe me an invitation to a ball game


      2. First and foremost, I am embarrassed about getting the name wrong. I will…actually, I won’t fix it. I’ll live with the shame and keep your comment relevant.

        As for the fans, here is my thinking…Philly fans are awful. In my mind, they are a cult of expected misery – misery is a right for Philly fans. Under virtually NO circumstances do I find the fans happy, celebratory, or supportive. They seem to expect the worst and try to get ahead of it because they’re scared of the pain that may come from feeling happy about something. It’s a deadly culture in my opinion – not one that I would want to be a part of. It seems like an obsessive escape, almost an addiction. It makes me wonder why most Philly fans even follow sports — it only brings them misery and irrational anger. It seems unhealthy.

        I will absolutely give credit to their level of knowledge (which I find to be exceptional).

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