Legal and Binding

I just started a new job, that as a perk provides access to free legal services. Wills and other simple stuff. It’s cool.

So…in the next few weeks, I will be having the following instructions for my funeral made legal and binding.

  1. I will sign a baseball before my death. Everyone who attends my funeral will sign this baseball. It will be given to my son, Jack.
  2. My remains are to be cremated. My son, Alex Nuckols, will select a hiking location where those ashes will be scattered. Alex, Jack, and their families will then take a hike/packing trip to scatter said ashes.
  3. The song “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens was featured in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. It is to be played at my funeral.
  4. Each person who attends my funeral will be given a box of Tropical Dots (my favorite candy). They are to pour the box into my coffin at the viewing, so I am buried in Dots. The people who really love me will remove the green ones from their box.
  5. I am to be buried in a Captain American costume. And not one of those cheap ones either.


4 thoughts on “Legal and Binding

  1. Hi! I can’t seem to comment on this story, but I want to 😉 I’m concerned about the green dots with the cremation and how that will work. And how did I not know that that was your favorite candy? What new job? 🙂 I left you a vm the other day, did you get it? 🙂 Lisa

  2. Scattered and buried? Darn it Mike—better stay alive and keep thinking it through! 🙂


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