Scenes from the Summer of Joy

I went camping with my buddies from high school in May. Here was the itinerary…

1) Gather at my buddy, Hal’s place.

The Immortal Fleet Wash

2) Then drive up into a remote part of a state park to a secluded spot and set up camp.

And that’s it. We didn’t go anywhere and we didn’t do anything. We set up our gear and stayed there for 24 hours.

And it makes no sense.

And it’s about the best thing in the world.

I drove home with a glow, feeling lucky and content. I thought about all the great stuff planned over the next few months. And I officially declared it: The Summer of JoyTM.

So as we reach the final weekend of the summer, I now share with you, fair reader, scenes from this remarkable moment in time.


Shani and I met up with our friends from Cleveland, Avi and Lora Cover. We got an AirBNB and spent a few days having an absolute blast.

Mary Gautier in Concert

Baseball Road Trip

Jack and I hit the road to see my Dad, visit Cooperstown, see my friend Chief, and see Blue Jays vs Yankees.

Biking with Skinny

The Chicks in Concert

Canoeing with the Kids

I took Alex and two of his friends, plus Jack and two of his friends on a multi-day camping and canoe trip in the Adirondacks. It was fantastic. I also brought my man, Dave Beattie, as wingman extraordinaire. Big shout out to Man Mountain (Mike Flesher), who used to take us on this trip when we were kids.

The Big Trip

We took a 2 week trip to the Northwest. It included Seattle, Portland, 3 National Parks, kayaking, long days of driving, flat tires, bike rides, donuts, and a whole lot of really good time together.

Odds and Ends

A few assorted and random photos. No back story provided.

Wrapping it Up

We didn’t have plans for Labor Day weekend. Jack was back at Fordham. We were ready to shift to the new school year and say good bye to the summer quietly. But then at the last minute some friends invited us to their house in Maryland. And it ended up being a pretty terrific final fun activity for a summer that was indeed filled with Joy.

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