Merriam-Webster 2024 Shortlist

Very exciting news for any word nerds who follow NuckolBall. A word I created is on the short list to be included in the 2024 Merriam-Webster dictionary. I give you: ROADPHORIA.

Here is the official definition as it stands today.

road·pho·ria | rohd-fawr-ee-uh


: a state of transcendental bliss associated with the American road 


American: from Middle English “rode” and from Greek “euphoria”. First recorded in 2003 Lummox by Mike Nuckols. See also Tom Petty, Jack Kerouac, Cris Reifsteck, John Pfeffer.

Example Sentence

After four days of hiking in Utah with his son, Mike drove back to Las Vegas in a state of pure roadphoria. (See photos below for details.)

Day 1: Upgraded to a huge truck and straight to Angel’s Landing

Day 2: Up a raging river for the Subway Trail

Day 3: Four hikes (Kolob Flats, Many Pools, Weeping Rock, Emerald Pools)

Day 4: Two distinct environments: Bryce Canyon and The Vegas Strip

Finally, here is a shot from our drive on day four heading from Bryce Canyon to Las Vegas. Alex is in the rest stop. I sat down on the curb. In this shot I am in the deepest state of roadphoria imaginable.

3 thoughts on “Merriam-Webster 2024 Shortlist

  1. That is so cool!!! Congratulations to you and I think we need to give some credit to your family for their support and: or company for the “Road Projrcts/Adventures”

    From Judy Smith with admiration

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