Why is this blog here?

I’m a writer in New Jersey with 2 boys. Jack (13, loves baseball) and Alex (11, doesn’t like baseball, but loves being along for the ride).

A few years ago my boys and I made a pact to try and hit all the major league ballparks together. So this is a lot about that quest.

Also of note:

I’m a creative director at an ad agency called VIVO. I wrote a book called “101 KickAss Things for Dads to Do with Their Kids” that I’m trying to get published. I have a wife I adore who is very tolerant of bad ideas.


9 thoughts on “Why is this blog here?

  1. We get dibs on your visit to the awesomeness of Dodger Stadium. Your trip will include accommodations, provisions, and transportation. We might even get you to San Diego to see the Padres, where ever it is they play–how should I know and who cares?

    1. I’ve promised the boys that the West Coast is coming soon. I’m hoping that sometimes when a business trip takes me out there I can bring them along with frequent flyer miles and hit a ballpark. The games are tough on the wallet, though. I have to feed Alex non-stop to keep him interested.

  2. Mike,

    Love the blog, and I especially love the shout out to the wife! You write with wit, wisdom and heart. Even though I have girls, we can all relate to the experience of being a parent and finding common ground. Keep writing your story!


  3. Mike- this blog is the perfect mixture of fun, inspiration and love. Makes me want to be a better parent. Thank you for creating this! Ash

  4. As one of your very oldest fans, I have to say you never fail to amaze me. I hope Mary is reading your blog too. You are a great father and a terrific writer. And I love you.

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