Boys Baseball Weekend (Part 1 of 5)

A blog is born. Shani was going out of town to visit her friend Alisha in DC. Jack, Alex and I had ourselves a weekend of pure baseball on deck. Check it out:

Friday night: Go see the premiere of 42

Saturday: Jack had a baseball game at 12:00 and then we head for Pittsburgh

Sunday: Kids Day game, 1:35 at PNC park. Head home.

At work I coordinated with some other dads to all meet up for dinner at Appleby’s followed by the movie. We ended up with 6 boys and 4 dads. We ate a quick dinner and headed into the movie.

Our seats were perfect. A row of 6 right on a railing so all the boys could see and wouldn’t kick the back of people’s chairs. The dads positioned ourselves behind the boys so we could smack them when needed.

I thought the movie was OK (not near as good as the preview), but the experience was terrific. This theater was full of serious baseball fans and several times broke into applause at the big moments in the movie. (Pee Wee Reese putting his arm around Jackie, Dodgers win the pennant)

In the parking lot on the way out the kids compared tallies of bad words.

“I heard the n word about a million times, the b word three times, and the s word once.”

The S-word was used in a scene where the Philly manager is mercilessly heckling Jackie, calling him all kinds of awful racial stuff. One of Jackie’s teammates shuts him up by calling him a “Redneck piece a shit,” which was my favorite part of the movie.

As the boys talked about that scene and the s-word, my friend Tom said to them: “If anyone deserved to be called the s word, that guy did.”

Next morning we got moving and quickly found Jack’s baseball game was cancelled because of rain the day before. I thought we’d leave for Pittsburgh right away, but the boys wanted to wait. Alex had a playdate. So it wasn’t until 3:00 that I grabbed Alex from his friend’s house and we headed out of town.

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