Guest Post: Coddy Nuckols

You may remember my Uncle Coddy from the post on the Angels game:

Angelic Baseball

Well, the man sent me an actual, physical letter. It included the following that he requested I put as a post.

To the family, friends, admirers and readers of Mike Nuckols,

I’m Coddy, Mike’s uncle and we’re pretty close. It’s not that we have frequent contact but that there is a mutual trust and respect between us that we both greatly value. It has a long history. We enjoy each other’s company.

Many years ago Mike and I had a conversation about nicknames. He gave me the nickname “Coddy the Body”, though he has never shared its significance or origin — maybe just that it rhymed. Many of Mike’s oldest friends have nicknames “Chief” and “Spider” among them.

We agree that nicknames can never be self-imposed; that they must be conferred or bestowed. Mike confided in me that he wished he was known as “Sweet Lou” (Louis is his middle name) but it never stuck and he didn’t push it. He knew the rules.

Having recently been introduced to NuckolBall — what a great name — I see it as another expression of what a loving father and a good man does. To have such love, concern and thoughtfulness for his boys is admirable. To write it all down demands honesty, self-knowledge, a willingness to explore and time — a most precious asset.

Baseball is his vehicle — being a good father trying his best to grasp the realization that his two boys are growing up — the destination. (Having two sons ourselves, Harry [Mike’s Dad/Coddy’s brother] and I have intimate knowledge of this process. In my case trusting the love, judgement, commitment and good sense of the woman who chose me has been my most valuable contribution. I suspect the same may be true of Harry, Mike and Chris [Mike’s brother] and for many of the men in our extended family.)

And so, having witnessed an honest struggle for truth and fairness throughout his life and knowing that he fully acknowledges his miraculous good fortune regarding his parents and Shani, I hereby confer and bestow upon Mike Nuckols the nickname, “Sweet Lou” and with it all the love and respect one person can have for another. He earned it — it’s perfect. From now on when I think “Mike”, I’m going to think, “Sweet Lou.”

Whether it catches on or not is another matter — but for me it’s a done deal. It will make his smile. My best to all,

Coddy Nuckols


Jack and Alex,

I’m looking forward to you and your Dad coming out here sometime for a Dodgers and an Angels game. It may not be soon but it will happen. Mary and I are looking ahead to when you can visit us on your own. There’s a lot to see and do here.



HA! Eat that, bitches! It’s official — I have a nickname!





4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Coddy Nuckols


  2. SWEET LOU!!!!! it is! What works so nicely Coddy (the body, if I may?) is that Sweet Lou is also the nickname of Yankee great Lou Piniella, as a player he earned the nickname for his sweet swing–as a manager (Yanks, Reds, Mariners, among others) it was more tongue-in-cheek for his passionate, red-in-the-face, arguing style with umpires. Welcome to the Big Leagues, Sweet Lou!!!

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