Outer Banks: Baseball Observations (Part 3 of 3)

Baseball, right? Can’t forget about baseball. Sure we’re in the Outer Banks, but there was a minor league team 45 minutes away (Norfolk Tides).

Shani and Alex both said no way. Plus, since we’d cut the kids off from screen time, I couldn’t very well watch baseball on TV. But it occurred to me: what team to they root for in the Outer Banks? Hell, there’s not any baseball in either of the Carolinas. There’s barely a football team – I mean, sure they have the Carolina Panthers, but how boring can you get? The only interesting thing to ever happen with the Panthers was 5 years ago when those two cheerleaders got arrested for having sex in a bar bathroom.

My point being – who do you root for in the Outer Banks? Washington Nationals? Atlanta Braves?

Well there were a lot of Yankees jerseys and hats. Not to mention, at any given moment either Jack or I are wearing some type of Yankee gear. This brings about a lot of stranger comments. Mostly negative.

“You guys Yankees fans? Heh-heh. They don’t look so good this year.”

And lots of people want to talk about A-Rod. After one conversation, Shani admitted that she had hidden Jack’s A-Rod jersey because she didn’t want him to draw any controversy. Jack – smart boy – was in full agreement with her decision. He treasures his baseball shirts, but told Shani she should burn that one.

Sorry, remedial baseball note: A-Rod is Alex Rodriguez. He is the Yankees 3rd baseman and the highest paid player in the game (10 years, $275 million). He has just been busted for taking steroids –second offense. He’s currently facing a 2-year ban from baseball because he tried to obstruct the steroid investigation. It also looks as though he leaked the names of other players who were under investigation for steroids to the press so he could take attention away from himself. And finally, he has an orange face. Jack (wisely) cannot stand A-Rod. Me either.

But the team we saw the most hats, shirts, and flags for: The Pittsburgh Pirates. This fills me with happiness. This is a team that has sucked for 20 years and they finally have a good team. It’s a fanbase that has been dying to re-surface and re-surface they have. One day at the beach I started counting how many Pirates fans I could see. I saw 3 hats. 2 coolers. 2 twin kids wearing Pirates swim shirts.

Then out of nowhere one of the guys in a Pirate hat came over to Shani and me.

“You guys want a hot dog?”


“I made way too many. I make ‘em a special way and I made 50. No way we can eat any more. You guys want one?”

Shani looked a little uncertain about what to do. I had no such hesitation.

“Hell yeah! Thanks.”

The guy came over. Asked me if I wanted mustard or ketchup, then hurried back and gave me a squirt of spicy brown mustard. Tremendous. Go Pirates, right? Hell yeah.

Oh — here’s a shot of the lesbian cheerleaders (cheerleader portraits and mugshots). No relevance to the blog post, but they’re hot, right?  I bet it’ll make people more likely to click the Facebook link for this post.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 9.19.26 AM

2 thoughts on “Outer Banks: Baseball Observations (Part 3 of 3)

  1. I beg to differ. There is GREAT baseball in Durham. The Durham Bulls are a top-notch AAA team, and it’s just about the most fun ballpark I’ve ever been in.

  2. This is kind off topic, but what the hell…. This article made me think of lesbians.. here is great Uncle Dick story that involves lesbians (well sort of). Uncle Dick is a redneck uncle on my Mom’s side whom I worshiped as a boy (I used to chew like him). When I got older, I didn’t worship him but was always glad to see him and loved his sense humor (however inappropriate). Fast forward to 2009… my mom had just passed away and my estranged older sister (Lynn- who’s gay)…. reconnected with my Dad and flew to Florida for my Mom’s funeral. Uncle Dick got thrown into the mix and I remember waking up from a nap in my Dad’s house and I asked Uncle Dick where my sister Lynn was and Uncle Dick’s reply,…. “I think she went to the mall to buy her girlfriend a dress (snicker snicker)”……Uncle Dick got a kick out of lesbians. Just as he said this comment my Dad comes rolling around the corner and tells Dick to take it easy. Dick says, “Relax, I got nothing against lesbians…..Hell I’ve even tried to convert a few over the years!” My sister walked in and heard this too and just shook her head.

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