Majors Made

Mini-post. There really isn’t any heavy content to share here. I don’t have a story or any reflections. But as the title suggests: Jack made the majors. The tryouts were a big deal, but the news of making the majors was sort of a fizzle.

So that’s the update: Jack made the majors.

Other updates:

  • Alex’s lizard (Josh) has eaten 11 crickets
  • Jack’s basketball team won the championship
  • One of Jack’s best friends won the free-throw shooting contest (made 6 for 7)
  • Alex earned his orange belt
  • Shani and I have given up drinking in the house for Lent
  • Baseball season starts in 18 days

That’s all I’ve got.

4 thoughts on “Majors Made

  1. We’re supposed to come visit pretty soon — that whole givingupalcoholthang doesn’t apply to us, does it?

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