Mike Nuckols Yummy Wing Sauce (Recipe 3 of 3)

Note: This post is part of the Donna G Project. This is written to and for my boys.

When I was in high school, I worked at a restaurant called Lobster King for about 2 years. Hal worked there too.

The place had pretty much no customers, so Hal and I spent a ton of time:

  • Having shopping cart races in the rear parking lot
  • Putting soaked dishrags in the walk-in freezer and sculpting them into frozen armor and swords (and then doing battle in the parking lot)
  • Making chicken wings

Some important points before you start.

  • You need a real-deal deep fryer. Like the ones they have at a restaurant. Doing these in the oven or in a frying pan isn’t near so good.
  • Chicken wings should NOT BE BREADED. That’s bullshit. Chicken wings should be naked and frozen.
  • Don’t screw around with BBQ wings, honey-hot, garlic-style, etc. All of that is also bullshit. We’re making buffalo wings.
  • Wings are dipped in blue cheese dressing. Not ranch. That, once again, is bullshit.
  • Serving wings with celery on the side is a good idea.

OK, here’s the recipe.


  • Chicken Wings (duh)
  • Durkee’s hot sauce (normal, no funky variations)
  • Butter
  • Garlic salt
  • Cayenne pepper

  • Chili powder
  • Blue cheese dressing


  • Melt butter and pour it in a plastic bucket (should have a lid)
  • Put in the Durkee’s, garlic salt, cayenne pepper.

NOTE: I’m not telling you the amounts. I don’t know exact measurement. Here’s how you’ll know.

  • Cayenne pepper is a matter of how hot you want them. My advice is go easy. Anyone can make wings that incinerate your tongue. You want wings you can taste. So go easy.
  • You probably want a lot of garlic salt, but don’t go nuts.
  • The real key is the right mix of butter and Durkee’s – here’s how you tell:
    • Mix the ingredients up, close the bucket lid, swirls it all all around, open the lid and smell…smell is the key. When you’ve got it right you’ll get brushed back by the fumes, but not from spice. It smells good, but it also makes you jerk away. That’s how you know.


  • Deep fry your wings. There should be an explosion of bubbles when you put down the frozen wings. Make sure they’re nice and crispy, but not burned.
  • Take the fried wings, put them in the bucket of sauce, put on the lid, shake the hell out of them.
  • When you open it up, give it another whiff – you’ll get that telltale shot in the sinuses.

Dipping sauce

  • Mix chili powder into the blue cheese. This is your dipping sauce for the wings.

Then eat your face off.


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