Game on, Coach K

Jack had his first practice for spring Little League. The dummy forgot his glove, so Shani had to run back and get it. I picked him up after practice.

“How was practice?”

I expected the usual response. “Good.” But he was looking away from me and trying not to smile. You know that smile when you’re trying to play like it’s no big deal, but really you’re glowing inside.

Apparently the coach had pulled Jack aside and said:

“I’ve been watching you for 6 years and I’ve been dying to get you on my team. I know how to make you a good hitter. I have a stance that I know will work. I also know that you know more about baseball than any kid in the league.”

You should have seen Jack trying to play it cool when he told me that.

And of course, we got this email later that night:

Hi Shani,

I think Jack left his bat tonight which I have in my car and will bring tomorrow.
Coach K


He’s all your, Coach.



2 thoughts on “Game on, Coach K

  1. I only wish your Mom was around to counterpoint with stories about you! Marie D please feel free to spill some beans!

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