Packing Perfection

If you’re looking for a two-day, one night backpacking trip – this is the perfect option. But be warned…day one is 6.5 miles and climbs 1945 feet of total elevation.

Overall Run/Beecher Ridge


Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 11.13.46 AM.png

If you’re looking for a companion, this is the perfect candidate. He is an experienced packer, in great physical shape, makes good decisions, and is terrific fun to hang out with.


This is the perfect reaction when you reach the Matthews Arm trail and you realize it’s all downhill from there.


This is the perfect spot to refill your water. (Note: don’t listen to your dad when he says you can do better. You’ll end up doing an extra 2 miles that day just to come back to this spot.)


This is the perfect spot to overlook the Shenandoah Valley.


This is the perfect camp site. Note the view. Also note that when it gets dark, you can see a sky stuffed with stars above and a dark valley stuffed with blinking fireflies below.


This is the perfect meal after you’ve packed 8.4 miles/2465 feet of elevation in a single day.


This is the perfect tent. The top  half is open screen, so you see the sky and shapes of trees above you. You hear owls hooting. You feel the breeze. You can lay there with your son and sort all your friends and family into Harry Potter houses.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 11.18.34 AM.png

This is the perfect place to stop for a break at the end of your second day.

This is the perfect place to stop for victory burgers, which should absolutely be your tradition after you come out of the woods after a packing trip. (Horseshoe Curve Restaurant, Bluemont, VA)


This is the perfect mix for your ride home. Alex put it together. Two notes about your ride home.

  1. I would recommend taking the route that avoids Washington DC. It’s an extra half hour, but it takes you on windy roads through the mountains of Virginia.
  2. Be cautious listening to this mix on those roads with that boy after doing this packing trip. The joy you feel will be overwhelming. It will be so thick inside you that it creates a physical pressure pushing at the top of your chest.

OK…here’s the official Harry Potter sorting.

Our immediate family

Mike Gryffindor
Alex Ravenclaw
Shani Ravenclaw
Jack Gryffindor
Pop-pop Ravenclaw
Grandma Gryffindor
Grampa Harry Ravenclaw
Grandma Mary Hufflepuff
Uncle Chris Slytherin
Aunt Annie Ravenclaw
Tucker Hufflepuff
Brinda Ravenclaw
Neave Slytherin
Uncle Bob Ravenclaw
Aunt Joan Ravenclaw
Uncle Coddy Hufflepuff
Aunt Mary Ravenclaw
Max Hufflepuff
Sam Ravenclaw
My mom Gryffindor


Chief Hufflepuff
Hal Hufflepuff
Dave Slytherin
Ben Gryffindor
Skinny Hufflepuff
Spider Ravenclaw

West Coast Friends

Reef Ravenclaw
Corbin Hufflepuff
Wade Slytherin
Frank Gryffindor
Budzik Hufflepuff

Cast of Friends

Rachel Slytherin
Ross Ravenclaw
Monica Gryffindor
Chandler Slytherin
Joey Gryffindor
Phoebe Hufflepuff


Captain America Gryffindor (textbook)
Iron Man Slytherin
Black Widow Slytherin
Hawkeye Slytherin
Thor Gryffindor
Hulk Ravenclaw
Vision Ravenclaw
Falcon Gryffindor
Scarlet Witch Slytherin
Quicksilver Hufflepuff
Spiderman Gryffindor


Bart Slytherin
Marge Gryffindor
Lisa Ravenclaw
Maggie Hufflepuff
Homer Squib


5 thoughts on “Packing Perfection

  1. I shall, at some point, do this hike and camp. Looks wonderful.

    You, in turn, might consider trekking with your boys in Nepal. It will change all of your lives!

    Cheers, Chris

    1. This is the best packing trip I’ve ever done. I’ll give you all the details. Maybe join you! Who knows. Have done Annapurna trek and it was one of the highlights of my life. Often fantasize about bringing boys

      1. I did not know this. (Maybe I did?) The fact that you guys stayed together after a year traveling is great testament to the power of your guys’ relationship. Cheers!!

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