#SlayTeam for the Win

Months ago, before this election was even on the radar, Shani and I made plans to go to Cincinnati this weekend. We were having a reunion with her college friends (who are my friends too, for the record).

But then suddenly we realized that Cincinnati Weekend was same weekend as the Fall Festival. Which is an opportunity to hand out flyers and talk to voters. Conflicting priorities! What do we do? 

Enter, the #SlayTeam.

Actually…let me give you a little back story.

For the first Back to School night, I texted Alex and a couple of his friends and asked if they would help hand out flyers. They didn’t respond.

So there I am the next day, standing in front of Central, waiting for parents to come out…and suddenly two cars pull up and a bunch of kids pile out. It was amazing!

And it took off from there. I still barely know what happened. Suddenly Alex is showing me a text group where every 4 hours another number would get added. And each new person would simply text…

The next night, Alex takes my phone, installs an app called Remind, and the entire group somehow transfers there. Apparently it had grown too large for a text group. And the last I checked the list is up 40+ kids.

So I wrote them and asked if they would hand out flyers at the Fall Festival. And of course, they didn’t respond.

But an hour later, Alex lets me know that they’ve divided it up into 1-hour shifts. They’ve got teams to cover the entire thing from when it starts at 10:00 until it ends at 4:00. And oh, by the way, I have to buy donuts for everyone.

They handed out almost 1000 flyers. ElectMikeNuckols.com got 951 views. And check out this email!

I got three more emails just like this one.

So here they are in action. #SlayTeam for the WIN!

Oh, and here are some shots of us having a great time in Cincinnati! We’ve got the #SlayTeam to thank for that as well!

2 thoughts on “#SlayTeam for the Win

  1. Inspiring !
    Yeah for the kids and hoping your community gets the benefits of your leadership !!

    Judy Smith, ABQ , NM
    Respect, Empower, Include
    Sent from my iPhone

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