4 Observations and a Musical Interlude

First…a few random observations from the campaign that have stood out in recent weeks.

1) The Correspondence

The Correspondence is overwhelming. I am now getting hourly emails, texts, and FB messages. People with questions. People with campaign advice. People who want signs. I’m hell bent on answering them all, and I don’t think any of them have fallen through the cracks, but it is a LOT of input.

2) The Coffee

Almost daily, and sometimes twice in one day, I meet someone for coffee. So I’m amped up. And Saxby’s has become a second home. 

Actually, the guy behind the counter introduced me to “half-caff” coffee, and I gave him a $5 tip.

3) The Conversations

This is the highlight for me. I can’t tell you how many in-depth conversations I get into about so many different things. Amazing stuff. I come home to Shani every other night and say, “I met some people who we absolutely should hang out with once this is over!”

4) The Constant “On”

This is the hard part. Running for office has been like a giant puzzle that I’m trying to solve and resolve every day. My head is always turning it over and looking at it from different angles. It’s super interesting, but sometimes hard to shut off when I want to get some sleep.

And then…a musical interlude.

I went for a walk today to clear my head and I put on my “starred” playlist on Spotify. Almost immediately the music took me. You know what I mean, right? When the music grabs your chest and your soul and lifts you right into a different world.

First song was “You and Me” by Tom Petty.

Take a look. At what I got.
I can’t promise you a lot.
But you and me, babe.
And the road ahead.

Instant lump in the throat. That song has always been about me and Shani. And I started thinking about being on the road together with this campaign. About laughing like crazy over how incredibly un-photogenic I am. About me rehearsing a speech in the kitchen trying to work on not flapping my arms so much. It’s been something else.

The songs went from there. It was Johnny Cash then Bruce then Guns N Roses and the whole time I felt more and more lost in the music. Then suddenly there I was, walking on Upland Way, signing Honky Tonk Heroes at the top of my lungs and not even aware of it. I looked ahead and a woman had picked up her dog and was quickly headed in the opposite direction.

Just over two weeks left until election day. I’m gonna really miss it once it’s over.

With all that in mind, Shani and I are going to take things easy in terms of the campaign this weekend. Tonight we’re going to open a bottle of wine and cook dinner. Then Saturday we’re spending the night in NYC and going to a concert. 

So, everyone enjoy the weekend…and if anyone knows who that woman is I scared, please let her know that I hope I didn’t lose her vote.

Starred playlist…

Assorted series of me flapping my arms when I speak…

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