Spring Training road trip in 27 photos.

Footnotes included at the end. Footnotes Things we talked about in the car: Popularity, my mom, suicide (tragically relevant), relationship with his brother, baseball (lots and lots), future road trips, how I met Shani, times I had my heart broken, more baseball, Family Guy, hardest we’d laughed with our friends, play-by-play of my trip around … More Spring Training road trip in 27 photos.

I am here

If you’re wondering where I am, see the photo below. I’m at LECOM Park, the Pirates spring training park and I’m with my son and I’m sitting here fighting back tears. How on Earth did I ever deserve a life anything close to this?

Headed Out Soon

I will make this short. Here is our itinerary: Wednesday: Drive from NJ to Richmond, VA Stay with my good friend, Ben Thursday: Drive from Richmond, VA to Amelia Island, FL Dinner with my good friend, Dave, and hopefully his kids Stay with Dave Make a point not to spend a single dollar in Georgia … More Headed Out Soon

On my 47th birthday

Up front warning: I think this is the most self-indulgent thing I’ve written in the life of NuckolBall. But it’s my birthday, so I get to do what I want. Think of this post as a birthday present to myself. And It has been a strange present to unwrap, that much is certain. Turn back … More On my 47th birthday

Change of Seasons

On Wednesday, with a groundout to second, the World Series and 2017 baseball season came to an end.   It marked the end of “Jack Season”. Which means that “Alex Season” began on Thursday. Or as some call it, “Thor’s Day.”