Jack Nuckols: the Barbara Walters Interview



In the wake of his newfound fame following his front-page feature of the Haddonfield Sun, Jack Nuckols sat down for an intimate interview with Barbara Walters. [Link to article at the end.]

BW: So, Jack, how does it feel to be a celebrity?

JN: Well, it’s sort of like when I won the geography bee but a little better because I like baseball more than geography.

BW: Now I understand that lots of girls in your class…


BW: I hear they talk about how handsome…


BW: OK, we’ll switch topics. Tell me what was the hardest part of visiting all those ballparks to write your story?

JN: Going anywhere with my dad is a pain because so many girls stop him to tell him how handsome he is. Some guys too, but mostly girls.

BW: Word is he’s going to be named “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine.

JN: I don’t know about that, but it’s annoying when girls stop him. And don’t even say anything about girls to me!

BW: Now your mom. How did she contribute?

JN: Well…whenever I need a band aid, she takes care of that. But if there are chips and salsa out, my mom eats ALL the salsa.

BW: Now I hear Mike Trout has been calling you for fielding advice recently.

JN: I gave him a few pointers. It’s mostly confidence with him.

BW: Why does your mom like salsa so much?

JN: I don’t know, but if you want salsa and my mom is around, you better hurry up before she finishes it all.

BW: Now what are you hoping to accomplish this baseball season. Other than impressing the ladies.

JN: BARABARA! That’s it! I’m outta here!

BW: WAIT! I was just…oh my. Well, folks…here’s the article.

Article in HAddonfield Sun




2 thoughts on “Jack Nuckols: the Barbara Walters Interview

  1. Jack, I loved your article and couldn’t agree more. We have been to many Lakewood Blue Claws games and boy are they fun. My Dad said the minors reminded him of baseball when he was a kid.

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